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   Rho-Bot and Half-Life Bot related links

Here are some good links to Rho-Bot, Half-Life bots, and Half-Life programming in general.

  • SourceForge Home to the latest downloads of the Rho-Bot executables and source, as well as many other Open Source projects.
  • PC Gamer UK PC Gamer UK has selected the Rho-Bot to be a regular in its magazine.
  • BSDbot Eric Bieschke is still in the bot business, working on a Counter-Strike bot.
  • Starbreaker's Half-Life Page This page is home to the OZ Deathmatch Rho-Bot!
  • Mr. BLonDe's MOD Another mod using the Rho-Bot for its bot. Check it out!
  • Adrenaline Gamer MOD A Deathmatch mod with cheat protection, spectator mode, new game modes and match features (and now the Rho-Bot!)
  • Snow-War This is a mod that I (Scott) have been working on. Now with the Sno-Bot.
  • Swarm Two Species, One Universe, Zero Tolerance. Now using the Rho-Bot.
  • Botman's Bots Good tutorials on building bots and mods, with links to many other Half-Life mods.
  • Multi-Bot Launcher Front end launcher for running Rho-Bot and other bot mods. Development has been discontinued.

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