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Eric Bieschke

Eric wrote the original Rho-Bot. This is his baby. He is responsible for everything Rho-Bot, excluding what is credited below.

Benjamin Matasar

Ben was Eric's springboard for ideas, helped him dissect the Half-Life SDK, and lost a good amount of sleep pouring over code and discussing AI. The Rho-Bot wouldn't be what it is without him. He's coded miscellany for the Rho-Bot all over the place.

Brian Wilson

An ex-Clanmate of Eric's, Brian created the original Rho-Bot installation executable.


Vacindak has been programming for Half-Life since it came out, and is the one who fixed the memory leak problem in Rho-Bot. He also is responsible for adding the new bot chat and observer mode for Rho-Bot 2.0. He is currently working on additional chat features for the Rho-Bot.


Starbreaker's main interest is OZ Deathmatch. He has added the Rho-Bot to the current version of OZ. Check out his site. He converted the old rhobot.cfg to standard cvar format. Also, he is working on the port of Rho-Bot to SDK 2.2.

Scott (aka Scooter)

I do the administration tasks for Rho-Bot, including the SourceForge site, and also do a lot of code tweaks trying to make the Rho-Bot better. Areas I have worked on include: updating the navigation routines, making the bot's respond to enemy fire, changing the bot file format, and making the bot's aiming and shooting more realistic.

  Source Material


botman's Half-Life bot tutorials were a source of much insight into the workings of the Half-Life SDK. The Rho-Bot's forward obstacle avoidance function is a reworking of a function from botman's sixth bot.

Craig W. Reynolds

Rho-Bot's steering algorithms are derived from Craig W. Reynolds research paper: "Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters" presented at the 1999 Game Developers Conference.

William van der Sterren

William is the author of CGF, a tactics aware teamplay bot for AQ2. He is an ever-giving resource of insight.


Coffee's AI Cafe is a wonderful source for all sorts of bot stimulation.

Rich Whitehouse

Rho-Bot was initially based upon the "Bot Frame" source provided by Rich Whitehouse. Some code fragments invariably remain. All code fragments remaining from "Bot Frame" are surrounded by '// START BOT' and '// END BOT' comments in the source.

  Contributing Beta Testers to the Original Rho-Bot

  • 9in.NaiL
  • AJ
  • Alexander Moller
  • Andy Johnson
  • Badger
  • Biggs[DS]
  • Cerp
  • Chris Ewald
  • Christensen
  • CtrlAltEnt
  • Doug Neufeld
  • Evil
  • Gerry McAreavey
  • Hengstler
  • HunterSeekerDroid
  • Humble Someone
  • Jamie Smith
  • Jerek
  • Joe Dempsey
  • Lester/1000101
  • Lord_Humungous
  • JoNaS
  • Maniac
  • Mark Z
  • Miles Teg
  • monkeyra
  • -N-Spence
  • NeoBunny
  • nick
  • PasteyWhiteButtocks
  • Paul Rattray
  • Paul Wilkes
  • Prana
  • Prodigy^
  • RoboStack
  • ronjon
  • [SOL]Er@DiC@tOr]
  • Soul_Reaver
  • Sparky633
  • SpliffMonkey
  • Stan McKim
  • Stas Sazonov
  • Tachyon
  • Ttam
  • Twig
  • Zach Adams
  • Zeblork
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